Sadi and Kyle are international award winning wedding and portrait photographers who have been featured across multiple platforms including many luxury wedding blogs and magazines. They have been shooting together for the last nine years in sunny Southern California and traveling the world together to capture love stories in amazing destinations.


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I want to travel the world,

see all it has to offer,

meet people from every country and photograph every street corner I can......

Hi, I am Sadi!

I started my career as a professional wedding photographer over ten years ago, and like many I have fallen hopelessly in love with the art. I grew up traveling the world with my family and that passion carried me into adulthood and into my business. I am so honored to be chosen by my amazing clients to capture their most treasured moments in life, and that is a privilege very dear to my heart. I have always been a hopeless romantic at heart, I cry at every sappy love movie, can get totally lost in a period piece novel, and have made it my life mission to snuggle every puppy I encounter.






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Things I love

Since childhood I have always loved to read. My favorite books include period pieces, and books that take place in Europe. My fascination with Europe stems from middle school and my studies of early cultures. I have a weird obsession with flowers as well, particularly soft romantic blooms and wedding bouquets. In another life I would take up floral design in a heart beat.


Prior to becoming a photographer, I also started a business in interior design. Now I funnel that creativity into my own home, decorating and redecorating it, taking up little projects like shiplapping my fireplace and crown molding my office. I still have a great passion for interior decorating and. often fantasize about buying a total fixer upper and and renovating the entire thing, but I think my husband might disown me if I do!

I chose to shoot film in my story telling,

I love the romance of it, its classic nature and etherial aesthetic. I have fallen in love with the art of photography and the importance of capturing life. Many of my sessions and weddings take me to amazing destinations all around the world, and I have a true passion for travel photography as

well. If you would like to see some of the amazing places

I have been, check out my travel journal.

Travel with me

My passion for travel started at a very young age; my father worked over seas in Indonesia and the Philippines and often took us on vacations to visit. I knew even then what a privilege it was to be able to travel out of the country and to learn about new cultures and societies. As an adult I have made it a priority in my personal life as well as professional to travel as much as I possibly can. My clients and I share a passion for adventure, for hiking in the woods and standing on the edge of a cliff watching the sun set over a beautiful scene below. This passion and my career as a destination wedding and portrait photographer has taken me all over the world, from Ireland to Paris, from Germany and Belgium to Bali and all over Mexico. I specialize in destination photoshoots and offer them for families traveling abroad, couples celebrating their honeymoons and anniversary as well as weddings. Want more details?

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