I have always loved and been fascinated by photographs, since I was a little girl to be honest. I can remember (and have lots of evidence) sitting in my bedroom as a young child cutting out the photos I would take of our family and vacations and regular everyday things and scrap booking them to oblivion in a giant 12×12 scrap book my mother had so lovingly bought for me. She kept a regular stock of stickers and constantly entertained my crafting antics. I really owe my love of photography and art to her.

As an adult I have fallen in love with photography in new ways I didn’t even think possible, and a large part of that is in printing my images. I have becoming truly passionate about tangible photographs, I am talking giant canvases on the wall, beautiful heirloom albums on my coffee table and photos in frames all over my house. The digital age has created a generation of people who have stopped printing their photos and have started keeping them all on their phones and computers. Long gone are the days of printing out boxes and boxes of 4×6″ prints from target and cutting them out to scrap book, now its all about posting on Facebook and getting lost in the oblivions of the internet.

For a creative soul, this is truly heartbreaking. I honestly feel images should be printed, enjoyed, viewed every day and loved. I started printing out my photos at the very beginning of my business ten years ago, and it’s one of my favorite things to do now for my clients and friends. This year we are adding a new line of print boxes to our collection, which include your choice of one hundred to two hundred prints inside, a beautiful crystal thumb drive, and some specialty bottles filled with things from your wedding day.

This beautiful maple wood box was hand crafted by my amazing friends over at Ryan’s Denn, if you haven’t yet you must check them out. I am especially fond of the engraved glass top and the little bottles inside, they really tie the entire box together. I included a beautiful silk ribbon from Hey It’s Oh So Pretty to tie my prints together inside, and completed my set with a gold and crystal thumb drive in a velvet pouch by La Rousse Shop. The images here are shot on the La Rousse linen styling board and edited with Mastin Labs Fuji 400 presets.


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