Everyone will tell you that your wedding day will go by in a blur, and you won’t really have an understanding of this until it happens. It’s a surreal experience, a day you have thought about for your entire life, and planned for the past year down to the very last detail, and often I mean the VERY LAST DETAIL… and in a matter of 6-10 hours, its over! Just like that! The guests go home, the cake is gone, the dress is in a crumpled pile on the floor in the corner, your feet ache and if you did things right your royaly hung over. But there is a hang over that people don’t really talk about, the post wedding planning hang over. After months of prepping, designing, planning and imagining your big day, once its over you get this strange feeling like Ok, what now? The best way to cure that feeling is to relive your beautiful day through your wedding photos and videos. That is why I love our wedding albums, we take the best of the best, the absolute highlights of your wedding day and create a story book for you to relive all those emotional moments and special photos. This set of three wedding albums includes the bride and grooms 10×10″ wedding album with a brown leather cover and cameo window, and two stunning parent albums for them to give to their moms and dads. I love the soft matte photo cover inside the cameo window and the texture on these gorgeous leather covers.Inside the album we tell a story with the beautiful images from your wedding. Each page features a part of the wedding day you want to remember, printed on stunning semi glossy luster archival paper with archival inks that prevent fading and yellowing.Your wedding album should tell a story, it should be a timeline of emotions and love.

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