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We started offering boudoir sessions about six years ago and have since fallen in love with photographing them!

Being a mother and wife I know all of the hang ups woman have on thier bodies, and its so empowering to show them how beautiful they really are. One of the best things about boudoir is when they see their images for the first time and their eyes light up and the first thing they say is “is that me?”

Its so rewarding being able to show women how the rest of the world views them, as beautiful people inside and out. I don’t just photograph boudoir though, I have had my own boudoir photos done on three seperate occasions. For me it was so important to get on the other side of the camera and experience boudoir for myself, how could I possibly understand how my clients felt if I had never done one myself.

Not only do I love getting glammed up and having a blast taking them, I love that it helps me see how my clients feel so that when I am photographing them I can be concious of that!

I hear women say all the time “I’m not fit enough yet” “I have to many stretch marks/scars/ cellulite to do a boudoir shoot” “I don’t look like the girls you photograph” Let me set the record straight, EVERY woman who comes into my studio felt the same way, almost every one of them is a mother and every single one, regardless of their size/shape/ body type etc., has something they aren’t 100% happy with.

It breaks my heart, but to see them come back in after their shoot and all those fears and disappointments in their bodies drift away as they bask in their beauty and look through all of their gorgeous photographs. Its a really empowering thing for most woman, to feel absolutely beautiful and see themselves as others see them, perfect in every way. I want to help every woman feel that!

If you know someone who could use a boost of confidence, or a new found love for their own body, be sure to share this page with them!




We know you probably feel nervous about your boudoir session, especially if it’s a first time experience for you. Sadi will quickly put you at ease, and all your questions will be answered. Once you start posing you will be more comfortable with each click of the camera.

Young women, as well as middle-aged and mature women, feel empowered when they see the beautiful results of their boudoir photography images. What begins as nervousness soon turns to fun as you learn to pose like a model, change outfits, fix hair, retouch makeup, and pose again. Expect your boudoir session to last approximately an hour to two hours.


Avoid wearing tight clothing or underwear, as it will leave red marks and indentations on the skin. Choose soft fabrics that won’t cause any redness between clothing changes. Don’t be afraid to try something new. If you have never worn a teddy before, buy a pretty one just for your boudoir session.

Choose some or all of the items in the following list and add your own ideas. • Assorted lingerie • Lacy teddy • Garter belt and nylons • Cowboy hat and boots • Sexy dress • Halter or tank top and shorts • Chunky sweater and thigh high boot socks • Mans button down or plaid flannel with panties and thigh highs

Your boudoir shoot is about what makes you feel sexy and beautiful, and Sadi will assist you with suggestions and props to make it a fantastic experience.

You choose how risqué you want your images to be. You can choose playful poses that are both enticing and modest. Many women are not comfortable disrobing in front of a photographer. Beautiful and sexy poses are easily accomplished without removing all of your clothing. Some of the most beautiful poses will stimulate the imagination of your loved one, while still protecting your modesty. During your shoot Sadi will guide you through poses that display only as much skin as you choose. Your comfort zone will always be respected.

The posing will be fun, because Sadi and her team will teach you to pose in the positions that best flatter your specific figure. A boudoir photo shoot is about making you feel sensuous, gorgeous, and comfortable. Your session is an opportunity to relax, have fun, and be totally beautiful.

Plan your manicure and pedicure for a day or two before your boudoir session to assure the colors are fresh and bright. Choose a neutral color to compliment all of your clothing choices.

Resist the urge to tan, either in a tanning booth or with a spray tan. You can get red areas from the tanning booth and uneven color from a spray tan. You want your skin to have an even tone for your session. Be sure you remove all body hair from any area that may be exposed in your photographs. Hair removal should take place the day before your session to eliminate the risk of fresh redness on your skin. Moisturize your skin for several days to avoid a dry or scaly appearance

Have you looked through the boudoir images on our website, none of those woman have ever modeled before! We will guide and coach you every step of the way and even give you wardrobe advice as to what looks best on camera. Our goal is for you to relax and have a blast while we guide you into flattering poses that look amazing.

We give all of our clients the option of keeping their images completely private, or sharing only images without their faces in them, or giving us free rein of posting their images on social media and or the blog. Its entirely up to you to decide, we want you to be completely comfortable with your images and how we will use them. Of course we love sharing your beautiful photos with future clients but we don’t ever want you to feel insecure about them so please don’t hesitate to let us know your comfort level.

We do offer both hair and makeup services for our clients (this is usually an additional fee) and employ some of the best hair and makeup artists in southern California to get you all glammed up for your shoot.

We recommend that you bring your own wardrobe of items that you love, and we have accessories on hand if you’d like to compliment what you bring. If you are interested, you can have access to our entire boudoir closet, We have a little bit of everything in all sizes. Please make sure to bring shoes as we do not have shoes on hand in our studio.
Our boudoir sessions are open to every body type, size and shape! I love shooting boudoir sessions for curvy girls, it’s so rewarding showing them how gorgeous they are! There is way to much body shaming going on in the world today and were constantly bombarded by heavily altered imagery that makes woman of all sizes feel inadequate! In my studio the goal is to make all woman feel and look absolutely radiant and gorgeous in their photos!




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