I spent nearly two years dreaming up my first destination workshop; I knew I wanted it to be somewhere beautiful, a country that inspires me and my followers and workshop attendees. When I first stepped foot off the plane in Dublin, Ireland for Kyle’s and my anniversary trip last year I knew it was the place. There is something so special about that little island you really have to visit to experience it. The food is better, the people are so friendly, the landscapes are breathtaking. It feels like you’ve gone back in time to a simpler lifestyle. So naturally I am drawn to it, I’ve always fantasized about living in a period piece novel. When I began researching locations in Ireland to host the workshop I knew I wanted to be near the Cliffs of Moher so we could make a day trip there, and I wanted to shoot at a castle. We chose the Ballyhannon Castle in Quinn, Ireland with its beautiful coach house. It was the perfect backdrop for a wedding, look at these beautiful photos and all the charm and quaintness of it.

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