Have you ever fallen into a cactus?

Well I did today, I fell over backwards tripping on my shoe as I was shooting and fell into a cactus, in the middle of Joshua Tree, in a dress! Lets just say it was not pretty, those 2 inch long barbs get really far into the skin and don’t want to come out nicely, it was a mess! I’ll admit I can’t really be that mad about it, because not only was tonights styled bridal shoot absolutely perfect, but I did my first session on film (well most of it, six rolls lol) but I am over the moon excited to see how they came out.

I want to use my blog as an outlet for sharing the highs and lows of my film experience and my journey with incorporating film into my workflow. Today was a combo of both, I was rushing to change my film roll as the sun was setting and turned to walk back to my spot I was shooting from I tripped over myself and down I went on top of that little bugger. I definitely won’t be doing that again, film is certainly going to teach me to slow down, and to be more prepared with prepared film backs ready to load into the camera.

I did have a lot of fun though and boy does the feel of that Pentax in my hands feel good every time the loud and clunky shutter opens. It really is a special feeling, until you get home and fill out the order form to get them printed and see the price, oops! ha! Today I shot 6 rolls, 5 were fuji 400 and 1 was Portra 800. When I edit I generally use the Portra 400 presets by Mastin Labs, they create a beautiful ethereal look to my already light and airy style, giving it a bit of warmth and contrast. I am not sure yet which film I will be my favorite, I do love the soft minty greens of Fuji 400 but I love the warmth of Portra so I am going to try them out and see what I prefer.

This styled shoot was themed after my idea of sunset in the desert, with rich tones of mauves and burgundy and raisin with accents of peaches and blushes and yellows. I wanted something that reminded me of that moment right after the sun touches the horizon and the desert is basically on fire with golden glowing light. I think all of my vendors really knocked it out of the park! It was a last minute thing but everyone pulled together and hit a home run.

Thank you so much to our beautiful bridal model Taylor, who is wearing a blouse from Forever 21 and a skirt from the fabulous Mr Pretty Skirt, I love their stuff! Taylor you are such a stunning young woman, and did such a fantastic job modeling for us today. A huge thank you goes out to our fabulous makeup and hair artist, Brittany Heim Makeup artistry, you are always amazing but today you really impressed with that tossled up-do and those gorgeous lashes! Thanks also to my wonderful friends over at Handlebar studios for coming with me today to help me with my film and teach me the ins and outs of it, it really helped me feel more confident in what I was doing and that I wasn’t failing hard ha! Also thank you for the beautiful ribbons and silks provided by Stephanie and Nick and their new venture, Hey It’s Oh So Pretty, they really brought the entire vision to life and added that etherial element. The incredible florals were designed and provided by one of my all time favorite florists, Dee with Jasmine Rose weddings, her work is so unique and inspiring you guys have to check her out. Last minute I was able to get an amazing wedding calligrapher on board for this gorgeous invite suite, so huge thank you to Hello Paper Lush for your beautiful invite suite, seriously brides looking for invitations you need to check her out! Our beautiful sunset themed wedding cake was provided by Love Cakes Melissa Love out in Temecula, she seriously rocked it, I am obsessed with the sunset ring of colors and the gold accents! Ring boxes by Marcia May designs, earrings from vintage shop, tray vintage.



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