How, Why and When to clean your Engagement rings

So he got down on one knee, popped the question with perfect grace, and now a stunning rock is gracing your finger everywhere you go!

A little known fact about me, when I started my business I spent three years working in the diamond industry selling wedding jewelry, and I learned a lot about rings and diamonds that I want to share with all of my wonderful brides! How to clean your jewelry, when to clean it, and why!

Lets start with how to clean your jewelry. Chances are your wedding ring is a diamond ring set in a yellow, white or rose gold setting. If you have a platinum ring or a ring that had gemstones in it be sure to double check that your using the proper tools and solutions to clean your rings. Most jewelers offer ring cleaning on jewelry bought at their store, I recommend anytime you happen to be nearby swinging in and having them clean your rings for you. Many jewelry stores have whats called a hydrosonic cleaner which uses special vibration and liquid to clean in and around your ring and diamonds without damaging or scratching them. This is the best way to get a deep clean. If you can’t have your ring cleaned there, you can purchase a jewelry cleaning solution (again make sure its appropriate for the type of metal and stone your ring is made with) and you can soak it and then use a soft tooth brush to clean it. This won’t get everything from under the diamonds but it will clean the top and sides really well. If all else fails you can also use toothpaste with a soft bristle tooth Brush to clean it as well. 

Why is it important to clean your ring? Since our rings are on our hands, and we touch so many things throughout the day, not to mention if your like me you likely wear your ring in the shower and get it covered in hair products and lotions, they often get grime and dirt built up under the diamonds over time. It’s highly recommended to get them cleaned at least one or twice a year to help remove this build up and keep them sparkly and new looking. Its also important to inspect your ring and ensure that the diamonds are still secured, that the prongs are all well tipped and sturdy and don’t look like they are about to break off, and that your band is thick enough not to bend. If your ring is showing any of these things you’ll want to send it off for repair right away. After three years in the jewelry industry I can’t even tell you how many rings I saw come in missing diamonds or with shanks that had broken clean off. Its pretty common and very expensive to repair.

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