It’s almost Mother’s day, a special day to celebrate the incredible woman around us who make life possible. I have always been a momma’s girl, of course we bickered when I was a know it all teen but throughout my life, I have always been so grateful to have such a wonderful mother. As I got older and became a mom myself I became more appreciative of all the amazing things that my mother did for us growing up. Being a parent is tough work man, and she proved her worth in salt day in and day out. I love that now as an adult I get to spend most of my time with other mothers, raising our children together and making it through this thing called life together as each others support systems. Even better, I often get to capture their memories and special moments of Motherhood as well. When Laura contacted me for her maternity and newborn session I was so excited, she is such a sweet woman and someone I respect so much. Being selected as her photographer for this once in a lifetime shoot was so special for me. We spent the afternoon together in her and Tom’s home up in Lake Arrowhead and I was in awe of this sweet new family. Their joy and love for their new little man was so touching.

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