So about a month and a half ago, Jason sent me a text message while I was out in Vegas prepping for a huge styled editorial… it was a photo of the engagement ring he had bought for his girlfriend and my assistant/makeup artist friend Hannah! Immediately I squealed and got emotional and congratulated him; we have been anxiously waiting for our friend to pop the question for a year and we knew it was coming soon. Little did I know that upon returning to Cali the next week I would get another text message asking if I would photograph his proposal… in ROME! Duh! Yes of course, omg! I was so excited, we secretly booked flights for the next week, flew in the week before them and spent 8 days touring Italy before the proposal. Since Hannah follows everything I post on IG and FB I had to be sneaky. I asked my hubby to send me pics of my kids and dogs so I could post those the entire time I was there and pretend I was in the states. I even messaged Hannah telling her how jealous I was that she was in Rome the day they landed! Little did she know I had already been there for a week and was patiently and excitedly awaiting their arrival. The day of the proposal we were expecting rain, worried that we would get alot of cloud cover and no sunshine as we spent the day touring the city, visited the Spanish steps and Trevi Fountain, and picked up a big bouquet of fresh Tulips to congratulate the couple.

Toward sunset we walked up to the Terrazza Viale Del Belvedere, a beautiful outlook that gives you the most stunning views of the city and the Vatican. We waited nearly an hour for Jason and Hannah to come walking up and my hands and knees shook with excitement as I stood across the street trying to not be seen. When Jason got down on one knee I ran up and caught all the sweet moments. Hannah didn’t see me or even realize I was there, even after she looked over at me and took a double take. It was so cute when she realized it was me! We spent the rest of the evening capturing some gorgeous shots all over the city, taking in the sites and hanging out. It was such an honor to be a part of this, and an adventure getting to this point! I can’t wait for their wedding now, I know it’s going to be amazing!I love this moment when Hannah started tearing up as Jason asked her to spend the rest of his life with her, it was so tender and sweet! These two make such a great match, its so fun seeing their relationship grow.Here is what Hannah had to say about the experience:

Looking over and seeing Sadi capturing our engagement made it even more perfect! She was secretly in Italy for almost a week to help my fiancé surprise me with the dream proposal. She’s so fun, genuine, and personable it was like having one of your best friends there to celebrate with you in the moment! She captured all of the excitement and emotions that we Jason and I had after talking about this moment for the past five years. After he asked, we went to some of the most gorgeous places in Rome that she had scoped out prior to the shoot. Her experience traveling made the whole session exciting and adventurous. These beautiful pictures will be cherished for the rest of our lives together!

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