2018 is shaping up to be quite an amazing year, in addition to adding some fun new adventures to our calendar, I have started incorporating film into a lot of my sessions and weddings. I am hoping by next year to be shooting primarily film and have it fully integrated into my workflow. This was my first engagement session that I shot hybrid and I must say I am in love. Above are the film scans that I shot which I absolutely adore. They are so close to my digital edits without even needing to be edited. I already use the Mastin Labs presets to edit and fuji 400 is the preset I used on these, so shooting fuji 400 film just makes life a whole lot easier. Check out all the pretty from Kristin and Connors San Clemente engagement shoot and let me know what you think in the comments!

How did you meet? I had planned with a mutual friend to pick him and two girls(one of them being Kristing) up for a cabin leader training meeting we were going to. I was the only one who had a car at the time so I met them at the In-n-out by UCI and got to spend the whole day with Kristin, but wasn’t really interested at the time. We got to know each other for a couple years through church, camp meetings, our on-campus fellowship, and just hanging out.
From the bride: We met when he graciously drove me and some other friends up from UCI to a camp cabin leader meeting.  I had never met him before and was surprised at his generosity, especially because we hadn’t met him before. After experiencing the way we connected through our passions/humor and seeing how he cared for others, I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get to know him better.

Connor: I planned a scavenger hunt involving our close friends. She went from Torrance to Cerritos where she got her nails done, Disneyland, UCI, and then Irvine Regional Park. Then we went to dinner with the friends that had helped with the proposal. I told her we were going to meet our families for a get-together after we finished dinner, but took her to church instead where a large group of our friends and family were waiting.
Kristin: He planned an elaborate all-day scavenger hunt around Orange County including brunch, manicures, Disneyland, UC Irvine, and got down on one knee to propose at Irvine Regional Park! He also planned for our families to surprise us right after he proposed, a delicious dinner with the people who helped out with the scavenger hunt, and a surprise engagement party with all our closest family and friends!
Connor: I’m so excited to see all of our friends and family together in the same place at the same time. I think that’ll be a huge blessing to us.
Kristin: I’m really excited to celebrate our relationship and new life together with our family and friends!  We want our wedding to also celebrate and thank our guests for being so supportive and loving!
Connor: We are getting married at our church where we’ve spent countless hours with friends eating and just hanging out. It also provided a lot of flexibility to plan and design our wedding how we envisioned it.
Kristin: We chose our venue because it has a special place in our hearts- we’ve made so many memories here with our wonderful friends including going to church, attending our college group back when we attended UCI, helping out at youth group, meeting for small group, and just hanging out with friends.
Connor: We heard about Whimsie from a photographer that referred us to her.  Once we got off the phone with Sadi, we loved how organized she was and her personality was super encouraging and we haven’t been disappointed at all!
Kristin: We chose Whimsie photography mainly because we loved the light, airy, and romantic style of the photos.  Also, after having our first consultation with Sadi, we were confident in her ability to take amazing photos and the ability to help add her positive energy and experience to our wedding.

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