If you have never been to Yosemite, its a truly overwhelming site to see. Taft point did not disappoint. When Rachel reached out looking for a photographer for a maternity session up there I just knew I had to make it happen! We spent a day driving up through central California, checked into the cutest hotel for the night and got up early the next day to explore the area. When we got into the park it was breath taking, the beautiful fall trees were changing colors and the cliffs all around the edges of the valley are amazing. When we got to the top of taft point it was very overwhelming, the sights were unlike anything I have seen in California. You can see a bit of haze in the photos caused by the California fire season this year, there were remnants of a recent fire up there in the hills as well. It’s devastating to see the damages a fire can take on such a beautiful place, but wonderful seeing all the new life breaking through.

Taft point is a wonderful destination for a photoshoot or even an elopement, the sun sets right behind it and gives these magical rays of light coming through. It is so beautiful and serene at the top of the cliff.

Here is what Rachel had to say about their session:

We’ve added so many places to our list of places to adventure together since we’ve been married and Yosemite found it’s way onto that list a couple of years ago when we started discovering how much we love California and decided we really needed to spend some time getting to know the Cali that isn’t on the coast, but the Cali that starts blending in more with the PNW scenery we love so much. At some point last year we decided we’d take the next opportunity we had to explore California to head into Yosemite valley and spend some time there, but we didn’t realize I’d be getting promoted and that we’d have the chance to tack an adventure onto the end of my promotion conference in Rancho Palos Verdes. When we found out we were pregnant in July, we were so excited that we’d be doing some traveling while baby was growing, but also that it looked like I’d be in my second trimester (aka the travel trimester) for most of our travel plans. I made the realization that we’d have the chance to get some bump pictures in Yosemite right away and found Sadi in the Mastin Labs group and we started planning our hike to Taft Point right then!

We looked forward to it for months and it was honestly so nice to have that to be excited about right at the middle of my pregnancy. Two days before heading to California I stumbled upon a photo album of my mom and grandma (both who have passed) in Yosemite Valley. I’d never known they’d been and can’t even say how special it was to be there together, growing our daughter, thinking of them all at the same time. We had such a special day and will never for a second forget how magical it was now that we have these incredible photos to keep in our family forever.

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