It was a few years ago when Kyle and I ventured out to Arizona to capture Elizabeth and Elliot’s wedding day in Yuma, and when their friend Taylor contacted me to have us travel out there once again to capture her wedding I was ecstatic! There is something magical about shooting in the desert sunlight, its warm and golden and radiant in a way that most probably couldn’t understand the way a photographer can. Taylor and Joe tied the knot at the Sanguinetti Historical museum in Yuma Arizona. It was a warm day, bright and beautiful and inviting for guests who sat patiently waiting for the beautiful bride to make her way down the isle. Taylor wore some of the most beautiful details, from her stunning beaded wedding gown to the sparkly heels it was perfection! After their ceremony they danced the night away in their Gatsby themed ball room surrounded by friends and family and fun!
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Check out what the bride and groom had to say:
We met after I (Taylor) got into a car accident and had to get my car repaired back in 2010. Joe worked as the insurance adjuster for the claim and kept calling me with updates on my car, even if there was nothing to update me on. Between dealing with me forgetting stuff in my car and having to come visit the shop, to his boss trying to sweet talk my parents for him, it was clear that this guy was something special. Finally I got enough nerve to make the first move and told Joe he could use my number to let me know if he ever wanted to hangout sometime. He called me the next day asking me out to dinner. To this day, we still debate over who actually asked the other out.

How did you know she/he was the one?
Taylor: For me it was all the little ways he tried to make me laugh and feel special. He had stuck by me through many challenging times in my life, and I knew I could always count on him for his support. My favorite memories were of whenever we were out to eat and I heard a song I had performed a dance to, Joe would try to re-enact what he thought I might have done. No matter WHERE we were – he would break out into some style of dance. It always got me! He went above and beyond all the time to make me happy. I knew I could spend the rest of my days watching this man dance!
Joe: I officially knew she was the one after she met my friends! Between Cory and Garrett clearly testing her, she never backed down and had a quick comeback for every little comment they had. Between Taylor‘s quick wit, beauty, intelligence and enormous heart, I knew I would be the luckiest guy in the world to keep her in my life.

I was visiting back home with him in LA, after being away for a medical rotation in Arizona. We planned for me to “ditch” the last day of the conference I was suppose to be at, so we can go wine tasting in the Santa Barbara area. We made it to the first vineyard were we enjoyed a sampling and decided to have a glass out on their deck. It was such a lovely day, and we had no set plans so we weren’t in a rush, but Joe refused the glass and stuck to water. It was kinda strange to see him not relaxing, but I thought he was just pacing himself for a day of wine and sunshine. We made our way through the vines, and Joe asked if we should take a picture here. If you know Joe, then you will know that he isn’t one to initiate picture taking. I jumped at the opportunity to capture a moment with him and positioned ourselves for our normal “selfie pose”. Joe kept trying to place me to one side of him and wouldn’t let me switch around. Finally as I’m squeezing up next to him to snap the shot, he starts to get down on one knee! I was honestly so surprised that this was happening, that I’m pretty sure I kept screaming “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” Well he was serious, and I had the ring to prove it!!
I always knew that I wanted to get married in my hometown of Yuma. Joe and I both grew up in Arizona, and felt that Yuma would offer us the cozy family setting we were hoping for. The Molina Block was the last stop on our list, and we were warned that the venue “required some imagination”. Joe and I toured, at the time, an empty dirt lot with some weeds and old wagons and farming equipment. It was very rough looking and empty. But that also meant that it was like a blank slate. The thing that captured us was the charm of the barn walk way, and the view at sunset. We knew it was going to take a lot of work, but the opportunity to get to be the first couple married at this venue, and to help transform it into the beautiful site we knew it could be, was something we were ready for. A lot of our sketches and plans were used as the inspiration for the renovations made to the site. The Historical Society members, and members of the community, really pitched in and made this site beautiful! We couldn’t have been happier with the end results, and hope many more couples will use it too!

We both fell in love with Sadi’s and Kyle’s work after my friends Elliot and Elizabeth used them for their wedding, and posted her pictures to Facebook. They were both able to capture so many special moments for the couple and their big day. I started to follow Sadi’s work on social media after that. I felt that she was able to capture everything that was special about the person in the picture. I didn’t even know any of the people in her pictures, but I felt there was so much personality and grace to every one of the them. No matter it was spring, winter, or inside or outside – every picture I saw was breath taking! After showing Joe her portfolio there was no question about it – we NEEDED them to be our photographers!

To say that a wedding goes off seamlessly is a lie! There were definitely glitches in the day, like my mom’s zipper breaking or Joe ripping his pants while dancing – but in all honestly none of these events rattled us. In the moment and looking back on them, it was all pretty comical! Everything was fixable, and no one really noticed! It was so nice to have so many people around to help take care of the little things. My wedding planner came to the rescue for all the wardrobe malfunctions, and Sadi and Kyle helped to position and capture some really fun moments we can’t wait to look back on. Joe and I can honestly say we got the wedding we dreamed of, because we had all of our friends and family under one roof, having the most epic party we could have planned! The biggest compliment to our wedding, was everyone staying till the venue closed and texting us the next day, saying how much fun they had! In the end Joe and I got married and were surrounded by everyone we love – that’s what a wedding really is all about.

We could probably go on for days about how amazing Sadi and Kyle are! I feel the most amazing thing about them is how at ease they made us, and how comfortable it was to have our picture taken by them. They worked efficiently and effortlessly to get all the shots we wanted, and we never once felt rushed. All of the poses and sites we were at flowed seamlessly, and Joe and I never felt forced into a pose that we didn’t feel comfortable with. Sadi knows how to keep the situation light while managing so many people and details. Joe and I couldn’t be happier with the photos we’ve seen in her “sneak peek” posts!
I would tell brides to try to be in the moment as much as possible, because your day really will fly by! Things will probably not go as planned, but you and your groom will be the only ones who know. Try to take a second with your new spouse to take in your day. Even if its just taking a minute to hold each other close and try to memorize what you are feeling in that moment – it will probably be the most vivid memory of your night. Remember that in the end you will be married to your best friend!

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