I can’t even believe it’s been a month since I was sitting on this beautiful beach, enjoying my morning cup of tea and breakfast. It feels like it was yesterday, the memories are always so strong when you travel to places you love. It’s as if you can feel the beach air, smell the salt water and relive every moment all over again. That is one of my favorite things about going on adventures, especially to magical places like Bali. If you have never been to this beautiful island it is a must see. The people of Bali are kind, funny and so welcoming to tourists. There are gorgeous beaches all around, the hotels are truly one of a kind, relaxing and vibrant. We spent so much time sipping cocktails by the pool, exploring the mountain village of Ubud and the monkey forests where you can walk around and feed the monkeys and see them in their natural environment. My friends at Handlebar studios, Stephanie and Nick Williams, came too and we went to the zoo in Ubud to see the elephants and feed them. Our second day on the island we spent at the Grand Hyatt hotel, scoping out locations for the wedding photoshoot and swimming in the pools I swam in as a child on my first two trips to Bali with my family. It was such a perfect day, minus the sunburns. I had a blast the next day doing photoshoots for my amazing clients who flew me out there for their elopement, Desi and Craig (stay tuned for the blog post from their wedding). Our fifth day there, we took a boat to the island of Nusa Penida, which is a smaller island and far less touristy then Bali. We went snorkeling with giant manta rays in the ocean, then took a small very bumpy boat ride back to the island (insert lots of seasickness and me leaning over the side of the boat the entire time) but once on dry land again we headed up to the top of the island to have dinner on the cliff side and then view the beautiful peninsula jetting out into the turquoise water. Our next day back in Bali we spent shopping at local markets, picking up souvenirs for the kids back home and then photographed our second couple, Cynthia and Eddie, who were celebrating their honeymoon! Our last day was all about relaxation, sitting by the pool at the hotel next door to ours, enjoying amazing food and drinks and chatting about our next trip, Italy and Greece! 

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